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Petro Emphor works closely with Customers and Principals, identifying & bridging the gaps by providing technical consultancy, developing solutions and integrating systems.

ISO 9001:2015

We are a futuristic – far sighted company. Engaged in supplying cutting edge solutions for Marine, Industrial and Life & Analytical Sciences to the Middle East. Total integrated solutions are provided by supplying the very best world class quality equipment, testing instruments, precision monitoring control systems and services.

Due to increased exploration and production of crude and gas, more flare gas is produced and burnt before being vented into the atmosphere. It is imperative to measure the volume of this flare gas in order to achieve the optimum balance of plant. We offer reliable flare metering solutions for production platforms, gas processing plants, refineries and petrochemicals to optimize hydrocarbon production and processing.

With the ever increasing requirement for monitoring remote sites and processes, the use of appropriate field instrumentation in the industry has increased manifold. We offer specific field instrumentation solutions which can measure parameters on remote sites like pressure, temperature, flow and level, and transfer the measured signals to distant control centers for monitoring and control.

With the proven track record that is backed up with references and technical expertise, we also offer installation supervision, startup, commissioning and training services on in-house product lines making us trusted instrumentation partners.

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