Ignite enthusiastic, effective and lifelong learning

LEGO® bricks are naturally engaging to elementary students. When they are introduced into the learning environment they boost motivation. It’s through this active, engaged experience that LEGO Education Elementary teaching solutions help you to lay the foundation for lifelong learning. The hands-on solutions ignite children’s natural desire to explore and discover. Students will learn subjects like language, math, science, technology, and engineering more effectively while improving and developing their 21st-century skills, like problem solving, collaboration and communication.

Making the abstract concrete

Bring abstract concepts to life with a fun, hands-on approach that really engages students. LEGO bricks turn numbers, words, and ideas into real models that can be touched, described, and innovated upon. And by making the subjects tangible, they foster collaboration and encourage self-guided learning by creating enthusiasm and giving students the tools they need to overcome challenges.

Abstract concepts are made concrete by using tangible elements.

Students collaborate to solve problems.

Hands-on materials encourage students become an active part of the learning process.

Building 21st-century skills

Our classroom-ready teaching solutions support you in creating an engaging and inspiring learning environment in key curriculum areas. Our elementary resources are designed to stimulate critical thinking and encourage creative problem solving skills across a variety of real-world themes.

Build 21st-century skills with engaging learning materials.

Ignite learning with effective teaching solutions for elementary students.

Encourage collaboration and communication.

Planning lessons is easy with LEGO Education

We support you before, during and after your lessons. Teacher guides with classroom management tips and tricks make getting started easy and the brick sets, curriculum packs, and software offer naturally engaging standards-based materials that easily integrate technology into lessons. In addition, the built-in assessment resources, students’ worksheets, and digital documentation tools make it simple to track student progress. Plus, if you need even more support e-learning and face-to-face training options are available.

Built on curriculum standards – each lesson and activity is relevant to your students’ success.

Designed to support you before, during and after a lesson.

Getting started is easy – student worksheets and assessment tools are available.