WeDo & WeDo 2.0 – An introduction to Robotics at Elementary – Elementary Robotics Solution

LEGO® Education WeDo & WeDo 2.0 makes elementary science come to life through hands-on tasks, real-world projects, and relevant technology that engages students.

Through project-based activities, students’ skills are enhanced through science, engineering, technology, and coding. The unique combination of the LEGO brick, classroom-friendly software, and inspiring, standards-based science projects results in a resource that builds students’ confidence. Empower them to ask the right questions, define problems, and design their own solutions by putting scientific discovery in their hands.

The LEGO Education WeDo 2.0 curriculum pack is built on Next Generation Science Standards and delivers key science content to second through fourth-grade students. The curriculum facilitates and supports a clear, easy-to-follow journey through subjects, including life-, physical-, earth- and space sciences, and engineering. Features 17 projects totalling more than 40 hours of instructional content.

EV3 Mindstorms – Advancing with Robotics – Middle School Robotics Solution

Lego Robotics range offers great level of versatility for students, enthusiasts, even professionals to learn and create robots and robotics applications. It provides fantastic cross-curricular opportunities in science, design & technology, mathematics and literacy. Students are able to explore the world of engineering by building simple to advanced control system and to work in teams to solve real-world problems

LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education EV3 comes in convenient solutions to fit you. This is a must have product for every ambitious Robotics lab. From the Core Solution to the Curriculum Solution to the Comprehensive Solution, get lesson planning, assessment, professional development and supportive resources that fit your needs.

Students develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills in middle school. LEGO MINDSTORMS Education EV3 grows these 21st-century skills through inquiry-based and active learning. This also gives students the confidence to move from the classroom arena to the competition arena. Every educator has a unique approach to teaching these STEM skills, and at the same time meeting curriculum standards.

Tetrix Prime and Tetrix Max – Robotics with open source code – High School Robotics Solution

Take Robotics to the next level with Tetrix Prime and Tetrix max sets and get ready to unleash your creativity! Both the sets can be used with a variety of controllers, right from the LEGO Education EV3 Mindstorms controller and Arduino to NI myRIO and Raspberry pi. It can also be remote controlled. Its versatility makes it an integral and important part of competitions and gives your students the sturdiness that they need in their robots.



What is Formula AllCode?

Formula AllCode is a complete course in robotics with an impressive specification set. The robot itself is Bluetooth enabled and can become a slave for platforms including Android and Apple devices and the Raspberry Pi. The free, accompanying course includes a range of activities with varied levels of difficulty; from simple line following to maze solving. The system runs on a 16 bit dsPIC microcontroller and is programmable from just about anything including Flowcode, MATLAB, LabVIEW, Python, App Inventor, Visual Basic/C#/C++ and more.

Formula AllCode is host independent and can be used with:

Flowcode,Raspberry Pi
Android & Apple,MATLAB & LabVIEW
Windows & OS X,Visual Basic/C#/C++