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  • Ultrasonic Gas flow meter for custody transfer application, Check metering, Flare meter applications etc
  • Online Gas analyzers for emission monitoring and process monitoring
  • Dust monitors , Opacity monitors
  • Portable gas analyzers and Dewpoint meters
  • Ball valves : Both manual and actuated
  • Primary flow elements such as Orifice plate, restriction orifices, venturi , Pitot tube , flow nozzles etc.
  • Temperature elements such as RTD, Thermocouples, Thermowells etc.
  • Single Chamber and dual chamber orifice fittings
  • Pressure transmitters, DP Transmitters, Temp. transmitters , level transmitters etc.
  • Electromechanical level indicators for bulk materials , Conductivity meters for petroleum products.

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  • We specialize in providing Process Automation, Instrumentation & Control, System Integration Solutions & Services to Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Cement, LNG, Gas Distribution, Pipeline, Power Industry segments, serving EPC contractors and End Users in the region.
  • We also specialize in providing Installation Supervision, Commissioning, training and maintenance services for the above mentioned industries in the Middle East.
  • We specialize in providing onsite and class room training services for Process Instrumentation Solutions for technical staff from the above mentioned industries.

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Faure Herman

Valpres S.r.l

Applied Analytics

Alpha Moisture System

ZelenTech Pte Ltd

ZEGAZ Instruments

MBA Instruments

Swinton Technology

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[accordion_toggle title=”Core Competencies”]We have developed Core Competencies in the field of Life and Analytical Sciences and have the proven ability to follow a project from its conception and consultation stage, right up to providing ongoing maintenance and support.[/accordion_toggle][accordion_toggle title=”Equipments”]Spectroscopy; Chromatography; Material Characterization; Ion Analysis; Automated Analyzers; Liquid Handling Systems; Isotopic & Non Isotopic Detection Systems; Genomics; Proteomics; Imaging Systems; Microbiology Laboratory Instruments; General Purpose Laboratory Instruments ….and more…[/accordion_toggle][accordion_toggle title=”Authorized Distributors for”]AB SCIEX






New Brunswick

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Rudolph Research Analytical



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LEGO Education

[/accordion_toggle][accordion_toggle]Petro Emphor offers a wide range of hands-on learning solutions that include:

  • Technical Training Systems
  • Lab Equipment and Furniture
  • Scientific Equipment
  • Science and Technology Training Systems

[/accordion_toggle][accordion_toggle title=”VERTICALS”]We offer this for organizations across the following verticals:

  • K-12 Educational Organizations
  • Higher Education and Vocational Schools
  • Oil & Gas and Industrial Sector




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