Alpha Moisture System

Alpha Moisture Systems manufactures a wide range of dewpoint meters and hygrometers for the measurement of trace moisture in gases and dry compressed air, encompassing an overall range from +20ºC to -110ºC dewpoint, ie 23,000 parts per million down to nearly 1 part per billion.

The dew-point instrumentation range of user-friendly, microprocessor-controlled dewpoint meters, hygrometers, and dewpoint sampling systems have been designed to meet the most demanding requirements and needs expressed by the industry

Some Typical applications include:
Sulphur Hexafluoride Used in Circuit Breakers
Sulphur hexafluoride is used as an insulating gas in circuit breakers. Excess moisture in SF6 gas causes arcing, which can trip the circuit breaker and cut off power to the distribution network.

Moisture in Natural Gas
The presence of moisture in high-pressure natural gas from a producing well causes pipelines and associated valves to freeze. High moisture content also leads to the formation of hydrates of the liquid hydrocarbons present, thus causing further difficulties. The moisture content of the gas also adversely affects the BTU value of the gas, thus lowering the quality and value of the product.

Vacuum-Evacuation and Gas Refill in Oil Filled Transformers
Moisture is continuously monitored in the vacuum evacuation and gas refill of oil-filled transformers. The moisture content of blanketing gases, of oil-filled transformers, directly affects the dielectric properties of the oil through water vapour dissolution.

Instrument Air
The presence of moisture in the air used as a blanketing gas for sensitive instruments can cause corrosion problems, rapid changes in calibration, and loss of instrument sensitivity.

Breathing Air
The presence of excess moisture in breathing air can lead to freezing in the pressure regulator and ice blocking the orifice, causing an interruption to the supply of air to the user.

Hydrogen Annealing Ovens
High moisture content in hydrogen gas used in annealing furnaces causes oxidation of the metal to occur, thus resulting in an undesirable surface finish on the product.

Ethylene Gas Stream for High-Density Polyethylene Production
High moisture content in the Ethylene feed gas reduces the catalyst activity, thereby decreasing the overall yield of the polyethylene reactors.

Hydrogen Cooled Electric Generators
Hydrogen is used to cool large stationary generators because of its high heat capacity and low viscosity. The hydrogen must be kept dry in order to maintain both its heat capacity and viscosity properties. Ambient moisture is considered a contaminant that will reduce the heat capacity and increase the viscosity of the cooling hydrogen.

Injection Moulding
The presence of excess moisture in the air used to dry plastic pellets has several adverse effects on the plastic products which are produced.
1. Excess moisture decreases the strength of the product.
2. Excess moisture causes a poor finish on the surface of the product.
3. Excess moisture causes clear plastic products to have a cloudy appearance.
All of these production defects reduce product yield and escalate production costs.
Nuclear Reactors
The Advance Gas-Cooled Reactor uses carbon dioxide gas to transfer heat from the nuclear fission core to the water boiler for steam generation. The moisture content needs to be kept low to avoid corrosion damage, and the moisture monitoring will also act as a leak detector.
Packaging Foods
For some foil-wrapped foods such as butter, it is possible to extend the storage life if the small amount of air trapped within the foil is replaced with nitrogen with very low moisture content.

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