Water cut meters

Watercut Meters

ZelenTech ZT-100 Watercut Monitors (also known as BS&W, OWD, WFM or Water in Oil Analyzers) offers you unmatched flexibility as we offer virtually unlimited number of configurations.
The ZT-100 Series of Watercut Meters can be installed inline, in bypass or as insertion. Built to any piping spec in the materials of your choice. 1 inch or 48 inch, we cater for all sizes.

The ZelenTech ZT-100 Watercut Monitor determines the percent watercut in an oil emulsion without requiring the physical separation of the fluids. The emulsion stream is continously monitored for capacitance and converted into percentage of water by the Watercut Monitor logic.

The Zelentech Watercut meter measures water in oil primarily in crude oil and is used in applications like fiscal metering, desalting, export metering, process control, on test separators, on- and offloading, etc.

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