Ulta pure water purification system

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Direct Purity Tap Water Feed

The Ultra Clear® TP TWF-Systems have a fixed and a flexible Dispenser to bring the water to your work. They supply the highest producible water quality for all critical test and research areas.​

The Ultra Clear TWF system is equipped with all the necessary components to produce reagent grade water directly from municipal tap water. The built-in reverse osmosis system has a recovery rate of > 30% to conserve water. Each system is equipped with economical state-of-the-art purification technology. Water quality with a resistivity of 18.2 MΩ-cm and a
TOC level between 1 – 3 ppb far exceeds all reagent water quality standards including: ASTM Type I, CLSI and ISO 3696 Type I. All systems that include TOC monitoring (TM) and ultrafiltration (UF) produce the highest possible water quality. These units deliver RNase-, DNase- and DNA-free water. Systems with UF are also capable of producing purified water with endotoxin levels of < 0.001 EU/ml.


  1. 7″ multi-color glass graphic display with all main functions for fast and easy operation, generous overview, simple and intuitive menu navigation
  2. Two water qualities from one device, ASTM type 2 and type 1 water
  3. SD cards and USB connection for data transfer
  4. Scope of supply includes consumables
  5. High capacity of consumables
  6. Made in Germany


  1. ​HPLC, IC, GC and GC/MS, TOC analysis, ICP and ICP/MS
  2. DNA sequencing, RNase-, DNase-, and DNA free
  3. PCR, IVF, 2-D-electrophoresis
  4. Critical cell and tissue culture
  5. Pyrogen sensitive applications


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