Ball Valves

We produce full range
Ball Valves to the highest standards, which includes Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves, Floating Ball Valves, Sub-Sea Ball Valves, Compact Ball Valves, Double Block And Bleed Valves.

The Trunnion Ball Valves design has been conceived with the target to grant to final users the following advantages:

  • To permit an easy assembly and disassembly operation;
  • To provide the valves with two independent

floating seat rings ensuring the bidirectional tightness of the valve. The seat rings are spring loaded to achieve
the required tightness even at very low pressure.

  • To avoid any over pressure acting in the body cavity providing each seat ring performing the Single Piston Effect obtaining self relieving function.

To easily insert in the seats resilient seal insert of every type
of material as well as to assembly in the valve Metal To Metal Seal.
• On request the design permits to provide modified seat rings

performing double piston effect.
• To accomodate easily special features as per costumer request.

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