Bar-Stock Type Thermowells

Bar-stock type thermowells are precise components serving as protective devices for the primary or sensing temperature elements, as thermocouples, resistance thermometer bulbs, bimetallic thermometers, filled system, etc. Of all types of temperature indicating, recording and controlling instruments. Particular care, together with long experience and special designed drilling machines, guarantee the choice of materials and construction of TM thermowells.

TM offers the capability to design and manufacture thermowells to meet virtually any customer requ irement. Standard types are listed on the side of this specification.

Bore concentricity
TM thermowells are drilled with a special designed deephole drilling machines. The concentricity is held to within ± 5% of wall thickness, depending on length of well.

Solid drilled thermowell are polished to minimize machine tool marks, surface discontinuties and unbedded tool Steel particles that might have a deleterious effect on the corrosion resistance of the thermowells.

Material Tests
Every bar-stock thermowell is pressure-tested to insure soundness of metal structure. Facilities are availabe for testing up to 20.000 psi. If requested, and at extra cost, Gamma or X-Ray inspection can be made, also ultrasonic checks.

Heat and chemical treating

Many type of thermowells require heat or chemical treatment to eliminate stress, carbide precipitation, etc .. Heat or chemical treatment is done on special order.

Internal Bores

Bore sizes are available from 9/64″ to 5/8″ in steps of 0.2″
Thermowells drilled from barstock can be supplied with a totallength upt to 60″.

Upon request can be supplied with plastic coatings, glass coatings and hard metal coatings.

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