Conductivity measurement in light oil products

Using the special measuring instrument MLA 900, conductivity and temperature can both be measu- red simultaneously in a liquid. The values are immediately shown on the large display.

The instrument is compact, portable and approved for use in explosion-hazardous areas.
The MLA 900 provides a determinati- on of the actual conductivity anytime and anywhere, quickly and safely.

Product Information

The RD400 uses probes as coaxial, single flexible, dual flexible, single rigid and dual rigid, allowing larger flexibility to the user depending on the application characteristics.
Product features

  • For aviation fuel, light oil pro- ducts and other industrial liquids
  • Integrated temperature measurement
  • Function and status monitoring
  • ASTM standard test method 
  • Portable field instrument designed according to DIN 51412
  • Explosion protection according to ATEX II 1 / 2 G EEx ia IIB T6
  • Antistatic case for mobile use
  • Large dual display for both 
conductivity and temperature

Battery powered for up to 1000 hours operation 

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