Gas analyzers

IMR 2600 Bio – The gas analyser with integrated gas conditioning system for industrial applications. Optimizing processes.

Product Information

For more than 30 years IMR manufactures high quality portable and stationary electronic gas analysis equipment. The IMR 2600 Bio is the state of the art model in operation, mobility and application efficiency.

The IMR 2600 Bio is equipped with a gas conditioning system utilizing a Peltier cooler. Up to 6 gases can be measured at a time. The size of the instrument enables to easily reach even very restricted places.

The main applications are:

  • process optimization
  • plant safety
  • environmental monitoring
  • plant commissioning


The IMR 2600 Bio with integrated gas conditioning is the perfect measuring system for all industrial bio gas and wood gas generator technology applications. This system guarantees highly accurate measurement values without any restriction in mobility. A wide choice of gas sampling probes for almost any circumstance completes the system.

The flue gas analyzers of IMR® are being operated in many countries around the world and are fulfilling or exceeding not just national but also international standards.

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